Adding a Chandelier or Light Fixtures

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-14
If you're looking to upgrade a room's look by adding a chandelier or other light fixture, you have to make sure the one you select is just the right size so it doesn't overwhelm the room. As you know, chandeliers come in all shapes and styles. To help you in selecting the right-sized chandelier, here are some guidelines. In terms of the style selection - we leave that up to you. A chandelier's size is usually determined by its width. To measure the width, measure the length of the diameter of the chandelier from one outermost point to the other. You're looking for a width that will suit the size of the space where you are going to install the chandelier. Installing Above a Kitchen Island or Table Centerpiece. Step 1: Take the width of the table. Step 2: Deduct 12' from the width. The remaining value is the width of the chandelier you want to select. If you can't find a chandelier in this size, choose one that comes closest to this value. Installing for General Lighting. Step 1: Measure the room you're going to place the chandelier at from corner to corner in feet. Step 2: Using the measured value, find a chandelier whose width (as inches) is the same value. The chandelier's height should be taken into account as well. It really depends on common sense as well as the effect you are going for. Installing a multi-tier chandelier over an informal breakfast area doesn't really make sense, especially if the ceilings are low. The opposite is also true, for high ceilings, a single tier chandelier will not be suitable. You should also keep in mind that chandeliers with complex designs will appear larger so you might want to select a slightly smaller chandelier. Another thing to remember is that although chandeliers are a source of light, their lighting is not enough for the entire room. Thus, it is still advised that you use other light fixtures such as ambient, accent, and task lighting to add depth to a room.
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