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by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-02
Some family of mine have been re-designing some of the rooms in their home recently and have been asking my advice on different aspects of how to go about redecorating it. Although I am no expert, I thought I would try my best to give them some sound advice. Currently their home is not very contemporary, nor is it a traditionally styled space however they would like it to be the latter. They have been getting rid of many of their metal designs and modern furniture and furnishings and replacing them with ornate wooden designs to give it more of a more modern feel. This was carried out easily enough as there are many traditionally styled furnishings available within the market. The first items to be replaced were the chairs and couches, wall papers and carpets. Traditional styled designs were added in, with a focus around antique gold designs, combined with very rich colours. With all of these changes put into motion, the next thing to be replaced was some of the fixed furniture, such as fireplaces and light fittings. These proved a lot more difficult to replace. After trolling through many different lighting shops, they then approached me to see if I had an idea on how they could ascertain some original and authentic lighting, without having to pay over the odds for it. They needed to replace all of the lighting in their home as most of the designs were far too modern, specifically the ceiling lighting. I thought about it for a while and carried out some research, concluding that going to an auction would be the best place to pick up what they were looking for. We started by checking out some classic auctions where people were selling original home accessories but it was not specific enough for us to find exactly what we were looking for. Although there may not have been many of them, we took the opportunity to visit some auctions tailored around different types of lighting. A range of different pieces were included, both modern and classic in design, but after viewing a few it was not long before we found the perfect ceiling light. The piece was intricate in design and it was clear someone had spent a long time focusing on the detail. The fitting was made from carved wood combined with a bronze, gold finish - the perfect finishing touch for their home. Being that we bought it from an auction, a competitive price was agreed.
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