Bathroom Ceiling Light - Selecting Useful Fixtures

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-05
Bathroom ceiling lights are one of the most common items in today's households. It is one of those items that you would simply not want to live without. And the ceiling lights are better options compared to pendant lighting in case of bathrooms. You may be surprised to know that not every house has effective bathroom lighting. In this article, I shall illustrate how to best select your bathroom lighting for being practically useful. Even before I list the criteria, I would want to make sure that you realize an important point. In what follows, I am by no means trying to imply that you should compromise on looks. Modern day bathroom ceiling lights are available in almost stunning looks and designs no matter whether you select lights that are effective or you end up selecting ones that are not so practical. So you are practically almost sure to find lights that match your tastes and goes well with your bathroom decor Having said the above, let me now make a list of the aspects that you would want to consider to make your bathroom lighting be practical as well as beautiful. The list follows. Brightness: You would want a bright bathroom that lets you see every corner clearly. To cite one practical example, would you not hate to shave in a bathroom that is not bright enough? So make sure that you have lamp shade glasses that permit sufficient light to flow through mounted on your ceiling. Single versus multiple lights: In case you are in love with a light with a shade that does not permit too much light penetration, you may want to consider installing multiple lights. That way, you shall still be able to have a shade that you love, and yet have sufficient brightness in spite of relatively darker light shades. Positions of installation: The bathroom ceiling light installations must be able to provide you with sufficient brightness at all the places in the bathroom. So you may want to install a light above the wash basin looking glass, one near the bath tub and one near the toilet. Or, you may want to share lighting between the toilet and the bath tub and thus work with two ceiling lights rather than three. It is not advisable to compromise with the basin-top lighting. Color of lights: Select lights of either white or bright yellow color. Any other light would not let you understand the true color of things and thus may be disturbing and may stress your eyes. As you see now, installing bathroom ceiling lights in an effective manner does need some thought rather than mindless placing. Make sure that you do apply the thoughts before you perform the actual installation for best results.
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