Black Chandelier - A Modern and Exquisite Light Fixture

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-15
A black chandelier is the perfect addition to any room in the house. It adds a touch of class that goes beyond most simple homes and can be a real conversation piece. It is rare to see a black chandelier which sparks a great interest when it comes down to it. What is a Chandelier? A chandelier is a lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling. They have multiple arms that have lights in them. The first time they were ever used was in churches. They were a lot more basic and were formed like a wooden cross. This chandelier had spikes that secured it. After they caught on, they began being used for not only lighting but for aesthetic purposes. Chandeliers became a status sign for the wealthy. These became most popular during 17th century England. The artisans that made the chandeliers soon started adding lead and it provided a certain kind of clarity and sparkle to the glass. Thanks to the clarity and sparkle, light reflects through the glass and there is beautifully dramatic rainbow showing in the room it is placed in. This is part of its allure and popularity. At one point down the line instead of just using crystals someone invented crystalline glass which made it easier for even the not so rich to buy chandeliers. When it comes to finding the perfect black chandelier there are so many choices! There are simple ones and super intricate and extended pieces that tend to cost a bit more. Either way, it does add some magic to a dining room or a living room. If you have a smaller space to put it in, putting a large chandelier would be gaudy and look overbearing. Finding the right size chandelier is key to adding a touch of class without overdoing it. Chandeliers are no longer just for the rich and famous, we can all put one in and it will provide the perfect amount of light to any room. To reiterate, size is very much so important. Do not put a giant sized chandelier in say your bathroom or your bedroom. It is perfectly acceptable today to use a chandelier in those rooms but over doing it will just look tacky. There is actually an equation when it comes to finding the perfect sized chandelier. You are to add the height and width of the room it is to be in and then the chandelier should be that size converted in inches. Also, it is important that the chandelier is thirty to thirty two inches above the table top. A black chandelier can be the perfect lighting option for many rooms as long as it is done right.
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