Can Ceiling Lighting Be Energy Efficient?

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-06
The ceiling light is one of the most popular forms of lighting fixtures on the market today. Ceiling lights are so popular because not only are they functional, but they can also very stylish. In addition to style and function, ceiling lights can also more energy efficient than many other forms of lighting fixtures. Up until now, many light fixtures relied on incandescent bulbs to light their homes. However, with new energy efficient light bulbs on the market, many are saying goodbye to incandescent light bulbs. An added advantage to energy efficient light bulbs is the price. This form of lighting is easy to replace because the price is so affordable. If you desire bright and natural lighting, perhaps halogen lighting is the option for you. Most often halogen lighting is used to highlight a particular object or area in a room. While these bulbs are slightly more expensive than other types of light bulbs, they also have a longer life span. A major factor to consider when using halogen light bulbs is the voltage. While lower voltage halogen bulbs are more affordable than high voltage bulbs, lower voltage bulbs require a transformer. If placed correctly, a single halogen light can emit more light than several incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent lighting is most often used in areas that require light for extended areas or periods of time. Commonly fluorescent lighting is found in kitchens and living areas. Not only is the fluorescent light bulb more cost effective than the incandescent bulb, but it also has a longer life span. When comparing types of fluorescent lights, the conventional tube lights are the most affordable option. The compact fluorescent light is a bit more expensive than other fluorescent bulbs, but it can be used in sockets designed for incandescent bulbs. Compact bulbs are also available in an assortment of wattages and tones. Today there are several options in both ceiling lighting and the bulbs used in them. If you would like energy efficient bulbs, there are several options available. Once you have determined the type of lighting needed, you can then determine which for of energy efficient lighting would work best.
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