Chandelier Light Manufacturer, Custom Chandelier Light, Chandelier Hanging Light Supplier
Chandelier Light Manufacturer, Custom Chandelier Light, Chandelier Hanging Light Supplier

Custom Chandelier Light Process

Step 1: Case Open

Receiving pictures which show the basic shape client wants.

Chandelier Light Project
Chandelier Light Test

Step 2:  Drawing

Providing line and 3D drawings to client.

Chandelier Light Model

01. Line Drawing

02. 3D Drawing

Chandelier Light Structure

Step 3: Sample Preparation

Best domestic wooden beads for client, confirm beads finish color, make samples.

Making kinds White Wash wooden beads finish for client to choose

Staff are making sample structure

Chandelier Light maker

Staff are making sample fittings

Chandelier Light manufacture

Step 4: Sample Confirmation

Discussing and confirming the finish, structure and details of samples with client.

Large Chandelier Light
Hotel Chandelier Light
Home Chandelier Light

Step 5: Mass production

During the mass production, all lamp holders have protected from any slight scratch.

01. Internal meeting to discuss mass production

talk about handelier Light project

04. One of workers is hanging wooden beads string

Chandelier Light exporter

02. Millions of wooden beads for mass production

Wooden Chandelier Light

03. One of workers is hanging wooden beads string

Chandelier Light maker

05. One of workers is cutting off excess cord

Chandelier Light distributer

Step 6: Packaging

we always minimize the package to save client’s freight and storage space.

01. Checking up and Cleaning before packing

Hanging Chandelier Light

02. Accessory packages place in the carton

wood Chandelier Light

03. Packing

Chandelier Light

04. Packing

Chandelier Light
Chandelier Light Shipping

Step 8: Container Loading

Chandelier Light Shipping

Step 7: Our QC is inspecting

Chandelier Light
Hanging Chandelier Light

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Hanging Chandelier Light Manufacturer, Chandelier Light Supplier, Chandelier Light Maker

Timing Cherish Chandelier Light Factory since 2003

16 years experience for manufacturing chandelier lights, 11000+ sqm workshop, 200+ skilled staff, professional M&D, R&D team, QC, sales department and producing line, strict production management, Strong production capacity, attended Canton Fair, HK exhibition.

Chandelier Light Factory, Chandelier Light Provider, Custom Chandelier Light Vendors

Factory Direct Prices & Free Custom Service

As a professional manufacturer in chandelier light, we offer factory price and high-quality pendant lights to clients, all are in accordance with the international standard. SAA, VDE, CE, ROHS, UL, SASO approved. Free custom service supply online.

Custom Chandelier Light, Hotel Chandelier Light, Restaurant Chandelier Light

OEM&ODM Service over 16 Years

OEM & ODM chandelier lights since 2003 Pendant light can be customized to any size, style, color or material design by your needs and made of excellent quality & eco-friendly glass, steel, aluminum, cement, fabric, string, wire, resin materials etc.

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