Chandelier Lighting For the Whole Home

by:Timing Cherish     2020-04-27
Lighting is as important in a home as the drywall and the flooring. Chandelier lighting actually provides two different functions in a room. The decorative aspect is very easy to see. But these unique lights also perform the function of providing even light across the room, when coupled with tract lighting or recessed lights. It is not a good idea to depend on one chandelier to illuminate a whole room. The job of the chandelier is to grace the center of the room. The light bulbs should not be turned up so brightly or contain high wattage that makes the light shine in the people's eyes. Instead, like a gentle giant, soft bulbs should radiate lower amounts of light so that the graceful arms, metal work, and globes can be seen.  When hanging a chandelier light over a table the arms should be located no lower that about eye level. This allows a comfortable room for the people under the light to still enjoy the light itself, but still visit with the others at the table. Be sure to check the weigh of a chandelier before hanging it. The metal working ones and antler lights can be very heavy, weighing as much as 80 pounds or more. Special brackets or framing may need to be added to the ceiling in order to support the added weight properly. The chandeliers lighting fixture size should be chosen based on the dimensions of a room. Mini chandeliers are ideal for a den or library. Their larger wrought iron chandelier cousins are wonderful for dining rooms or great rooms. Antler chandeliers are perfect for western motif homes. And outdoor chandeliers are perfect choices for sun rooms and porches. Whatever your choice, the choice should be just that- very personal. In the end, it is not what the interior decorator says; it is how you feel about the choices that make your home your personal castle. Chandelier lighting is very diverse and with many styles and choice to choose from, you will be far from disappointed with your chandelier lighting.
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