Defy Classification - Be Your Own Critic

by:Timing Cherish     2020-04-28
A chandelier light fixture began as a simple way of maximizing light. Chandelier light fixtures were created to spread the light of a candle in many directions. This was done by placing crystals in front of the light. The crystals sparkled and refracted the light and sent it about the room often casting small rainbows as the crystal took on qualities of a prism. The chandelier was a tool, a servant of its owner. As lighting became electrified and abundant, the chandelier lost its function, but oddly increased its status. The tool became a symbol, and the symbol reflected not light but status. So it is with many things in our world. The automobile was once simply a tool for transportation. Now it has become a way to measure another persons worth. Clothes once simply kept us warm or protected from the elements. As civilization developed they became a way to determine rank and social value. Society loves its symbols as a way to easily identify and classify the world around it. It is in this easy classification that the real value gets lost. A famous wine critic once set out a variety of wines for people to taste. In the first tasting the wine and its price was known to the taster. The most expensive wines received the highest scores. Then the critic brought in new tasters only this time he switched the bottles around. Now the wines that were perceived to be the most expensive received the highest score. Even a wine that wasn't far from being vinegar did above average. Finally, the critic set the wines out without bottle or price and asked people to judge them. He witnessed two things right off. First, people became much less certain and had to test the wines over and over again. Finally, when the judging was done he discovered that the assessment of the wines was much more accurate. Some of the $8.00 bottles were in fact better than the $40.00 dollar bottles. Without being told what to think, people were forced to trust their own instincts. The critic concluded that most people had a sophisticated palette but failed to trust themselves. It is a lesson that many people learn over and over again. They might have an instinct about something but trust the expert instead of themselves. There are countless stories of people getting into trouble because they didn't trust the nagging feeling in their stomach. So many people who are struggling to keep their homes or who have already lost their homes mention that something didn't feel right but they ignored their instincts and signed the papers. So many patients have said they knew the doctor was wrong but didn't push the issue. Experts are there to offer assistance and help in making decisions. The problem is too many people abdicate their own responsibility in the decision making process. A doctor, consultant, or advisor doesn't want to make a decision for someone else. Most people have good instincts but fail to use them. Trusting in ones self is a skill worth developing.
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