DIY - Ceiling Light Re-Do

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-18
If you have a room, usually a kitchen or bath, with old fluorescent lighting and have wanted to update it, here's an idea. Remove the old tubes and recycle them properly; prime and paint the recess. Since the old light served you well enough, a new fixture should fit where the old light was positioned. Find a new track lighting fixture that will fit the space. There are many on the market that are interestingly shaped, and there are many different finishes and styles. Keep your fixtures in the same metal, e.g., if you have brushed nickel to match your stainless steel appliances, look for a fixture that has the same finish. Choose a halogen fixture with the highest power safe for your wiring. Check the fixture you've just removed to see what the maximum power allowed is; and then head out to the lighting store, and make sure they match. If your recess is especially large, you might want to use it as an architectural accent by using some molding around the outside edge to resemble a tray ceiling. This technique will work only if you have a large recess that is centered in the room; otherwise, you will not want to draw more attention to it. Having an interesting track lighting fixture in the recess should be enough. If you find you need more light elsewhere in the room, add another matching track light over your sink or work space. If your recess is large enough for the small halogen tracks that hold five lights, you should have plenty of light for a workable kitchen or bath. Track lighting has come a long way from the large cans of decades ago, it is far more energy efficient. You may find other uses for such lighting now that you've mastered one area of your home.
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