Falling to a Better World - When Lost Becomes Found

by:Timing Cherish     2020-04-27
There was a giant of a man named Luke. He had fine cut suits that hung well onto his body, a body shaped by a trainer and hours of hard work at the gym. He would dine by chandelier light. He would travel by limo or his sporty BMW. He had friends lining up to meet with him, discuss their ideas and hoping some of his worldly success would rub off on them. Luke thrived on the high voltage life of cutting deals, leveraging assets, and hostile takeovers. Luke was an aggressive businessman with an aggressive investment strategy. He was about to pull off the biggest deal of his life, a deal that would make him a billionaire several times over. It required a loan of 75 million, personally secured by everything he owned. As risks go, it was a mammoth gamble, but the pieces were all in place and it was just a matter of connecting the dots. Before the ink was dry three things happened that changed the dots, an earthquake hit China wiping out a crucial factory, a hurricane destroyed a city driving up the cost of building materials and a major investment company fell under its own weight of worthless assets. The markets around the world began to tumble and Luke watched as everything he owned slipped away. Most of his wealth disappeared in failing hedge funds and with one investor running an elaborate ponzi scheme. The cars, the houses, the chandelier lights, the private jets, the calls from congressmen, the long line of friends, the vacation homes and his net worth vanished in lawsuits and civil actions. Luke was left in a strange place, a place were he was no longer in control of his own destiny. By the time the dust settled, Luke was down to one house in Florida, and a used car. He also had a lot of time. The phone was no longer ringing off the hook, his many enterprises were now run by others and he had become a cautionary tale. This is where the story gets interesting. What never made the corporate biographies were several other facts about Luke. He was married with two young children, Thomas and Rebecca. Thomas was five, Rebecca was three. Luke spent a month in anxious turmoil cursing for the ruin he believed he brought to their lives. The burn rate on the money was still too high, and his potential for income had disappeared overnight. He had to do something drastic to save his family. He spent hours at home trying to come up with a plan. During those hours he found himself laughing at the way his daughter shook her belly when the music was loud and marveled at Thomas's artist talent. He spent mornings making love to his wife and afternoons on the beach with his children. One night, standing over the bed of Rebecca and watching her sleep, he was moved to tears by her beauty and innocence. At that moment, he found his way home. His friends would call asking for advice and he soon started a small consulting company. He makes enough to live a simple life comfortably. He lives it with a full and open heart. He will be the first to tell you that losing everything is how he discovered what he had all along.
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