Home Light - The Candle Chandelier

by:Timing Cherish     2020-04-30
Before the advent of electric light over one hundred years ago, the candle chandelier was used to provide illumination to both the interior and exterior of homes, as well as other locations. Thus, candle chandeliers were the first type of chandelier used. However, with the advent of electric light, also came the option for chandelier fixtures to be designed to use electric light bulbs to simulate candle light instead of using real candles. Thus, the design of chandelier lighting included using electric light bulbs or candles. Some homeowners prefer to hang chandeliers that use electric light bulbs instead of hanging light fixtures that use real candle light, for safety purposes. When there are children and/or pets in the home, electric light may be safer than using real flames to illuminate the living space. Hanging a chandelier lighting fixture that is designed to use candles, whether simulated or real, in the living space may help homeowners create the environment they would like to create in their home. Choices in design are abundant when shopping for candle chandeliers, including options in finishes, sizes, and styles. In terms of interior design, given all the options with chandelier lights that use candles, whether real or simulated, just about any living space can be complemented with such a light fixture. Moreover, this type of light fixture may be hung to complement the home's motif, or to add to its eclectic room design. Moreover, if the homeowner chooses to install a chandelier fixture that uses light bulbs that simulate real candle light, they also have the option to install a dimmer switch that is compatible with the light fixture. Dimmer switches provide the added benefit of the option to adjust the lighting in the room, from bright to dim, or to degrees of lighting in between. Given all the choices when shopping for a candle chandelier, homeowners are likely to find a design that will enhance the living space they wish to illuminate.
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