How many Timing Cherish handmade ceiling lights are sold per year?
Handmade ceiling lights sells very well on the market. As society grows, the demand for the product has been growing in the marketplace, which leads to the popularity of Timing Cherish(Huizhou) Industrial Co,. Ltd that specialized in creating exquisite products for decades. Since the product was launched by us, it has attracted a growing number of attentions from clients at home and abroad, thus leading greater annual sales volume.
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In comparison with other enterprises, Timing Cherish has more production lines and thus higher capacity. Various in styles, Timing Cherish's standing lamp can meet the needs of different customers. Timing Cherish chandelier table lamp conforms to the international quality standard that has a strict and uniform requirement for products, such as electric leakage protection standard. It can reduce users' eyestrain due to the inadequate light. The product is long-lasting. The eco-friendly wood materials used are hand-selected and kiln-dried and is added heat and moisture to keep from cracking. It is resistant to water with great protection measurements applied on it.

We are constantly reducing our impacts on the environment. We focus our work on waste reduction and diversion, reducing our energy and climate impacts, and increasing water efficiency.

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