How to Install Accent Lighting

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-22
Choosing a Location The location of the accent light is critical to getting the best results from your accent light. If you place an accent light too close to the display, it can be an overwhelming spotlight that draws too much attention back to the source instead of the display. This is especially true in bathroom lighting. If the accent light is too far away, shadows lengthen and create an eerie effect only good for Halloween parties. Location Tip For New Source: Keep accent light sources at least a two feet radius away from any wall. Keep accent lights separated from bulb to bulb a minimum of three feet. Shutting Down the Power Keep in mind; circuits are live until you shut them off at the main breaker panel. Whether you decide to shut off the breaker to the room by turning off a 20 amp breaker, or you decide to shut off the entire house panel at the main breaker (safest way to go), you need to remove service to the area before removing the old light fixture. Shutting the Power off Tip: Kitchen lighting is especially dangerous to shut off at the main panel because so many circuits are dedicated in the kitchen when working in the kitchen shut off all circuits or the main breaker. Fixture Removal/Replacement Now take the old fixture off by removing the two screws on either end of the outlet box or ceiling box once the housing has been removed. These two threaded screws are something you should keep as not all screws fit every box; especially the older ones. Remove the two wire nuts covering the wires and disconnect the wires. Keep a mental note of the way the wires were attached. This is where a friend comes in handy. Have a helper hold the new fixture while you rewire and replace the two wire nuts. Always rewire the new fixture according to the new ones directions. Reattach the fixture with the old screws (or new ones if they fit) into the outlet box, securing the ceiling light tight. Replace the housing and your new accent light is ready for testing. Accent Lighting Test Tip: Flip on the breaker switch once a bulb has been placed into the fixture and all light switches are off. Turn on the breaker, flip the switch and let there be light! Enjoy your new self-installed accent light!
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