How to Plan a Bathroom Redesign

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-13
There's a lot more to designing a bathroom than choosing which colour to go for. A re-design allows you to swap your existing layout around, experiment with a new colour scheme and make room for new pieces of bathroom furniture. A great tip is to get a local designer to show you a computer generated plan of your new bathroom based on its exact dimensions. If you decide to keep the same layout your already have, then make sure you measure your existing bathroom suite to ensure that the measurements of your new suite are the right size. It is advisable to keep existing service points as re-plumbing and re-wring can be costly. This is one benefit of keeping an existing layout. You should decide on where to place your bath or shower, then toilet and then sink. Make sure there is enough space between each so people can get in/out the shower, wash their hands and sit on the toilet comfortably. You should invest in a form of bathroom storage such as cupboards or shelves for things like toiletries, cleaning products, bath accessories and the kids yellow rubber duck! You could store bath towels in a cabinet if your bathroom is spacious enough. Power showers are a great investment and can be installed even if you have low water pressure in your area. Your bath/shower should have a non-slip surface to maximise safety at all times. Your plumber will advise you on the amount of water your shower produces and how much your overflow shower tray can handle. Bathroom lighting is something that shouldn't be forgotten. Your bathroom lights should provide you with enough light in both the day and especially at night when there is a lack of natural light. The ceiling lights should be soft but bright and you should consider a small lamp perched on your bathroom cabinet. For example a touch table lamp works really well when placed on a cabinet next to a bath; it gives off enough light to read a book whilst relaxing in the bath, or for that middle-of-the-night toilet dash. Overall choose a redesign that is more beneficial than your existing bathroom layout. Make it work for you and your lifestyle. A bathroom should last a good 10 years so choose something that you'll still love after this period of time. Take a look around your friend's bathroom and (in your head!) note what you do and don't like; use this when planning your own bathroom. Good luck!
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