How to Replace a Ceiling Light Fixture Like a Pro!

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-13
Switching a ceiling light fixture in a room seems like a simple change, but it makes a huge difference in the design. Luminaries come in many different styles and colors, but changing one for another requires only a few tools and minutes to do it yourself. Here's a how-to you can easily follow to correctly and safely install a new fixture. First, you will need the following items: Ladder Drill Wire stripper Wire cutter Wire nuts Voltage tester- (Both Contact and Non-Contact Testers) Steps to change your light fitting yourself: Turn the source of power off to ensure you don't electrocute yourself. Approach the electrical circuit panel, if your switches are labeled, then turn off the power to the room you'll be working in. If the switches aren't labeled, turn off each one off then back on until the light you're replacing turns off. For future ease, label the switches to learn its location. Use your ladder to reach the existing light. First, remove the cover, then remove the nuts or screws securing the dome-shaped canopy and lower it. Remove the screws securing the crossbar to the electrical box, and lower the fixture. Remove the base or trim. Use a non-contact voltage detector to determine the power to each of the wires are turned off, but be sure the light switch is turned on. If the tester lights, switch off circuit breakers or loosen fuses one at a time until the tester light turns off. Turn the light switch back off for added protection. Untwist the fixture's wires from the installed wires. Examine the electrical box in the ceiling to see if it's loose. If you find that it is, tighten the screws to hold it in place. Make sure no wires are touching each other or anything else. Turn the power to the light back on at the main circuit panel with the light switch still on. Use the tester again to make sure there is power to the hot wire. Touch the leads of a neon voltage tester either between the hot wire and the metal box, or between the hot wire and bare copper ground wire, depending on if you have one or not. If the tester lights, the metal box or bare copper wire is grounded which means it is safe to proceed. If the tester doesn't light, indicating there is no ground, call in a licensed electrician to supply one, because it is often difficult. Remember to turn off the power at the main circuit panel before continuing. Position all of the wires on one side of the crossbar. Screw the crossbar onto the electrical box (you'll need an additional person to help you do this). Refer to the owner's manual to know how to match the new fixture's wires to the existing wires in the ceiling. Fold the conductors into the ceiling box and slide the canopy over the protruding threaded support. Secure it with the decorative nut to complete the installation. Install energy efficient light bulbs, then flip the electrical panel switch to turn on the lights again. If they don't turn on, you will need to recheck the wiring. Make sure to turn the power off from the switch and the circuit before you begin again. Attach the trim and cover. If you hung a luminaire with a chain, then you may need to adjust the length. Finally, you can admire your handy work. Good job! For special effects, add a dimmer or a timer.
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