Install Your Own Vanity Lighting

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-08
The bathroom is the place we use every day to get ourselves ready in the morning for work or other various activities. And in that space, the mirror plays a pivotal role in allowing us to present ourselves to the world. Getting the most out of the mirrored bathroom area starts with the right lighting fixture. A vanity style lighting fixture can be easy to install yourself and requires just a few basic tools. Use this guide to bathroom vanity lighting and you'll be sure to have your own vanity light in no time at all. Finding an Electrical Source The biggest hurdle to installing any bathroom lighting system is to find an electrical source to work from. This can include a fixture or outlet from an existing area. The best bet to installing your own vanity light is to work from an existing ceiling fixture that is already controlled by a switch. This will allow you to easily run a wire to the vanity. You will need access to the area above your bathroom to use this method; otherwise, you may need to call in a professional electrician to install your vanity light. Running the Power Line Once you've found a suitable ceiling light to access the power from, you will need to run a power line to feed the vanity light. For this you will need plenty of 14-2 wiring to run from the light source to the vanity area. Don't attach any wires to the fixture just yet. Run the power wire directly to the wall where the vanity light will be located. Drill a A�' hole through the top plate of the wall. Now fish down enough wire to reach the vanity area behind the wall. Attaching the Light Now you can make a small hole in the wall using a hammer. Make the hole behind the vanity light so that when the vanity is hung, the hole will be covered. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, fish the wire through the hole. Strip the wires and attach them directly to the bathroom light fixture and hang it on the wall according to the directions. Powering Up Turn off the breaker to your bathroom and access the attic space once more. Install a covered junction box next to the existing fixture. Disconnect the fixture and run the wires into the junction box. Connect the two fixtures to the main feed in the junction box and cap with wire nuts. Turn on the breaker and test the system.
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