Lighting the Bathroom - Ceiling Lights Or Pendants?

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-05
While setting up a new house or renovating an existing house, one common practice is to attempt to improve the lighting system of the entire house or parts of the house. With modern pendant lighting being a fantastic choice both because of their looks and their prices, they are clear winners when compared with ceiling mounted lights. However, it may not be the case when it comes to bathroom lighting. In fact, bathroom ceiling lights are more practical compared to pendants. The reasons for this are detailed below. Extra height protects bathroom ceiling lights from electrical hazards: When you or your family is in the bathroom, you would spend a part of the time taking a shower. The shower water will definitely be focused in the right direction, but as you physically move, droplets of the water would fly around. If you use a pendant light, then that brings the electrical circuit much closer to the level of your head. This would lead to a much higher chance of the droplets of water finding their way inside the pendant lights. Water is a conductor of electricity. Hence the event of water droplets entering pendant would create a risk of short circuits. With the ceiling lights being at a much greater height, chances of such mishaps are practically eliminated. Challenge in usability for pendants: Using the bathroom freely in terms of unrestricted movements may become a challenge if you do not install the pendant properly. In particular, you may find wiping your head off in a standing position to be a difficult proposition if there is a low-hanging pendant light around. Bathroom ceilings are lower in many houses. This makes installing higher pendant lighting inherently difficult. Additionally, if your bathroom ceiling is high enough and you end up installing a high pendant, it almost resembles a protruding ceiling light. You shall find protruding ceiling lights with better designs and comparable prices compared to smaller pendant light fixtures. Hence, installing a bathroom ceiling light makes sense in such a scenario. Corner pendant installation is tougher: The fixture may need to be installed at a corner if you opt for pendant lighting. But then, the number of permissible designs is immediately thwarted and also the installation becomes limited by the geometrical radius of the pendant. This makes installing corner pendant lights a challenge. Yes, activities that require wash-basin lighting and looking-glass activities would require a light to exist close by. A bathroom ceiling light thus becomes almost an obvious choice. So when it comes to overhauling the old lighting system and installing a new one for the rest of the house, pendant lights are a great choice. But when it comes to bathroom lighting, it is always recommendable to go for ceiling lighting rather than pendants.
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