Lighting - The Ultimate Home Improvement

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-03
Home improvement is a massive thing today especially with all the popular TV shows surrounding the issue such as Home Improvement, Extreme Makeover, and Grand Designs, and that's just to name a few, suffice to say we are all fixing up our homes to make them as inviting and as beautiful as we can. Now with the economic climate is what it is we all may be struggling a little as we might not be as flush as we once were and so the home improvements has gone to the end of the to do list because its too expensive. The best and most economical way to 'improve' your home is to change your lighting. By changing your lighting this will instantly shift the mood, add more light, and make the rooms and whole house feel more spacious and airy, and you don't have to paint, sand, or do any kind of DIY, well apart from putting up the actual lights that is. Is there such a thing as too much light? From a design aspect there is no such thing as too much light, especially natural lighting. Light is the most important aspect within a room and should be the first thing on your mind when you are decorating. There are many different varieties of lights to choose from as well, you can have ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, flush fitting lights, bathroom lights and so on. A great way of adding a sense of depth and thus the feeling of space to the room is having lights on different levels. Having a main ceiling light is great because this acts as  the main source of light for the room, but you can add complimentary lighting such as wall lights and or lamps and floors lamps. These gives you the option of having them all on to give maximum brightness or you can leave off the ceiling light and wall lights and have a lamp on in the corner to give a soft glow. Another great way of injecting your home with a mass of light and space and air is by placing mirrors in hallways and in rooms but not only that but to place the mirror in an area that will reflect light. Mirrors give the illusion that a room is larger, this is great but what is even better is if we give the illusion that a room is larger with more light as well. The mirror gives the room depth and the idea of more 'room' but if you mirror the image the lighting as well it intensifies the illusion of light and space.
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