The History of the Light Bulb

by:Timing Cherish     2020-04-21
The light bulb is often considered to be the first modern convenience that became widely available to almost everyone within a relatively short period of time. It allowed the days to become longer with more working time and also allowing longer periods for relaxation and past times in the evenings. Before this the night was an inhospitable place and did not lend itself to many activities. The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879, and is today a household item. Prior to this people had used candles to light their homes in the evening, moving onto the gas lanterns that were prevalent across the US and the UK before the invention of the light bulb. Because of this invention, and the many others that Thomas Alva Edison made, he is often revered as one of the most prolific inventors if of our time, counting the phonograph as one of his other well know creations. A bulb works by heating up a small strip of carbon called the filament until it becomes hot enough to glow; this is encased inside the class bulb. Although Thomas Edison is considered in the public eye to be the inventor of the light bulb the problem of creating lighting from electricity that would burn for a long period of time was actually somewhat of an ongoing project that many inventors were trying to solve. Edison built on the ideas suggested and tested by his predecessors, making his own improvements and testing different materials for the filament until he finally discovered one that could burn up to 1200 hours. And now, all these years down the line the light bulb is a household object that comes in a huge variety of sizes and wattages as well as shapes. These shapes and sizes vary from candle light bulbs to the wider ones perfectly shaped for floor standing lamps. And also new developments have seen the adoption of energy saving light bulbs across the UK. These bulbs use less energy and can last even longer than their original counterparts, showing that continuing advancement can always produce an even better product than the first. If you intrigued and would like to find out more about the different light bulbs on the market, whether it's a specially shaped one for a floor standing lamp to a coloured bulb to add a certain atmosphere to a room why not visit a lighting specialist and find out more about this fascinating subject.
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