Tips For a Safe And Happy Halloween Holiday

by:Timing Cherish     2020-07-15
Halloween is one of the funniest and traditional holidays in America. It is a night for playing trick or treat, getting lots of candies and dressing up any kind of Halloween costume your want. However, each year there are more injuries happening on Halloween night than any night of the year. When planning for this big occasion, here are some tips for you to have a safe and happy holiday. Safe Halloween Surroundings Do not let child go out alone at Halloween night. When your kids go out at night, remind them to stay in a group with at least one adult accompany. Make sure that they have been totally vetted ahead of time. Never go to houses where the porch lights are off, stick to the sidewalks and obey traffic signals. Watch for cars carefully and be sure children are aware of the potential dangers from strangers. Remind them to stay in familiar areas. Make sure your flashlights have fresh batteries in them before giving to your children to use for Trick-or-Treating. Safe Halloween Costumes and Foods Make sure the Halloween costume fabrics and accessories are made of flame-resistant materials, such as nylon or polyester. Halloween costume accessories such as wands and swords can hurt children badly if they fall, so they should be made from flexible, soft and safe materials and not have any sharp edges. Make sure your kids Halloween masks fit properly and the eye holes allow them to see fully. Do not allow your child to wear a mask that is too loose. It can block their vision. A better option would be to paint your child's face instead of having them wear a mask. Avoid the Halloween costumes that could cause them to trip, such as long dresses or baggy pants. In a word, children's costumes should be short and snug. Besides, do not let the kids eat any candy not in a sealed wrapper. Inspect all candy if possible before children eat it. Safe Halloween Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lanterns Children always want to help with the Halloween pumpkin carving. Small children should not be allowed to use a sharp knife to cut the top or the face of the pumpkin. There are many kits available that come with tiny saws that work better then knives and are safer. A safer alternative is to let children draw the face on the pumpkin and help clean it. Keep kids away from candlelit Jack-O-Lanterns. If you set jack-o-lanterns on your porch with candles in them, make sure that they are far enough out of the way so that children's costumes do not catch fire. Many artificial lights and candles are a safer alternative to real candles.
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