Tips For Professional Glamour Photography Shots

by:Timing Cherish     2020-07-15
If you're wishing to take your photography skills to the next level by trying your hand at boudoir or glamour photography, you're going to have to learn how to shoot photos in low light. Perfect your low light photography skills and you would be well on your way to a career in professional glamour photography. Shooting in low light is challenging. The good news is that huge improvements have been made in photographic technology that has improved a camera's ability to capture images in dark settings. These new tools maximize your chances of success as an artistic photographer. Your job is hard enough as it is shooting in low light; don't aggravate the difficulty by simply holding the camera in your hand. Instead, use a tripod or, at the very least, brace yourself or the camera against a solid surface such as a door jamb or low wall. This will help steady the camera as you take your shots. Professional glamour photography requires a soft, gauzy (but not blurry) look to the finished product. Slow shutter speed can contribute to blurry photos, so increase your camera's ISO setting to help increase the shutter speed. You'll also want to carefully add light to avoid the 'snapshot' look to your work. Take your camera's hot shoe flash and angle its head to bounce the light off a nearby bright surface, such as a wall or ceiling. This is better than directing the flash right on your subject; bouncing it off a nearby surface softens the light and gives your subject the soft glow that is a hallmark of professional glamour photography. If you're an artistic photographer who uses a simple point and shoot camera with a built in flash, set your camera to its 'night scene' setting. Your flash will go off while allowing the background light to 'burn in' so that your photo won't look as if it was shot in a cave. You'll definitely need to hold the camera steady for these shots and you can help yourself do so by placing your feet in the 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock positions, with your left foot forward and your right foot back. This extra-wide stance will help keep you from wobbling as you take your shots. Professional glamour photography requires pressing the shutter button softly but firmly. You also need to hold your camera steady until the firing sequence is done. Don't put your camera down until the shot is secured because most cameras have a bit of a delay in their shooting. An artistic photographer knows that if they put the camera down before it's completely done taking a shot; they could get a 'smeared' look to the photo instead of the desired 'soft' appearance.
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