Tips on How Remove Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

by:Timing Cherish     2020-07-14
Flush mount ceiling fans are widely used as cooling down mechanism in lots of today's house holds. Because of their appeal, lots of types are available in the marketplace to suit the design of the room they're installed in. So, with these fast changing style and design trends, homeowners would choose to switch their very own ceiling fans follow the current trend. Here are suggestions about how you are able to remove this particular cooling accessory by merely using a ladder and basic carpenter skills. Firstly, you need to disconnect the electricity supply to the cooling fan. This is the most critical precaution, given that during the procedure of removal, electrical wires will undoubtedly be exposed and by flipping off the flow of electrical energy, you will definitely prevent the probability of electrocution. Switch the electric power off by flipping the switches on the circuit breaker. Secondly, you need to unscrew the light bulbs and lighting fixture. Prior to completing this task, you will have to take out the dome-shaped glass cover that sits at the base of the ceiling. Be prepared to catch the cover once it is taken out in order to avoid breaking. Utilizing a screw driver, loosen up the screws off your lamps to take off all of them. Perform the same way to take out the lighting fixture. After this is achieved, the cables and wires need to be uncovered by pulling down the lighting fixtures. The light fixture needs to then be unclipped from the cooling fan. Third, you will have to take out the fan blades by loosening and unscrewing the anchoring screws. Take extreme caution whenever you execute this procedure as the weight and size of the ceiling fan rotor blades can overpower you and get you to lose stability. It is recommended to ask for another person's support whenever undertaking this action. Store the blade some place that is secure and put the anchoring screws in a separated location so as to not confuse all of them with screws from some other components. Subsequently, you should pull down the ring placed towards the ceiling. That way, each of the electrical wires that function to hold on to the ceiling fan mount covering will probably be totally exposed. Once you have taken out the screws from their respective locations, you have to lower the cover and next expose the cable connections on the ceiling. Once more, every time you're dealing with wire connections, take extra preventative measure not to damage them. Finally, you need to remove these wire connections. To do this, elevate the motor unit of the ceiling fan and allow it to hold on tight to the angle attachment. To disconnect the electrical wires, loosen the nuts and pull apart the wires from one another. To complete the installation, raise up the motor unit once more and take out from the bond. Sixth, and this is the final stage, you need to remove the flush mount bracket from the light box by using a screwdriver.
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