Tips to Decorate with Ceiling Chandeliers

by:Timing Cherish     2020-07-13
Light fixtures are an essential part of the overall decor. They set the tone of a room by the light they give off as well as the fixture itself. Choose fixtures that add to the beauty of a room such as ceiling chandeliers. Chandeliers are statement pieces and they help create the right ambience for any room. Most light fixtures are versatile and you can try to experiment with the scale and placement of the fixtures. In grandly-proportioned rooms such as the dining room, you can make a statement and add two ceiling chandeliers instead of one. Choose twin chandeliers that complement the dining space decor. The two fixtures will also emphasize the length of the dining room. The chandeliers will look the best when paired with a long rectangular dining table placed in the center of the room. Supplement the light from the chandelier with recessed lights along the perimeter of the room. ceiling chandeliers can also be used in the kitchen. The unexpected choice of this fixture draws attention to it and it becomes the decorative focus in the kitchen. Look for a chandelier that is scaled-down and properly proportioned according to the size of your kitchen. A small antique-style chandelier with decorative detailing is a good choice for the kitchen. Many home decor and lighting stores offer fixtures that are reproductions of period fixtures such as a Victorian chandelier or a charming French country-style fixture. Consider the placement of the chandelier in the kitchen; choose a location where it will make the most design impact. Over the kitchen island or the breakfast table are great positions options for the chandelier. Light fixtures can also help reinforce the decor theme of a room. For a bathroom that is decorated with a luxurious spa theme, complete with a large tub and marble countertops, a chandelier is the perfect choice of fixture. As ceiling chandeliers are available in a wide range of styles, from antique to contemporary, it's easy to choose one that will match the bathroom decor. Beside the style, the scale of the fixture is an important consideration while choosing it. A mini chandelier over the bathtub adds to the opulence of the space. Have the chandelier fitted with a dimmer switch so you can create a relaxed or energized space. The Internet is a great resource when you are looking for unique and stylish light fixtures for your home. Browse through collections of home decor and lighting stores to find the right fixtures for every room. Home lighting stores that offer customized solutions such as mix and match hardware and accessories with shades and fixtures are great places to look.
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