Uplighting FAQs For Your Wedding Reception

by:Timing Cherish     2020-07-11
Lighting turns an ordinary event into something spectacular bringing together sights, sounds, and tastes into a symphony of excitement. Up-lighting will dress up the drabbest of reception halls that need that special extra touch. This lighting trend is perfect for adding color, depth and dimension to wedding receptions. Confused! Read below and make yourself clear with uplighting by your disc jockey services. Q: Why prefer led lights to ordinary can lights with gels? A: Ordinary lights not only demand thousands of watts of power but are often the culprit of blown fuses. They get hot enough to fry an egg on in less than 10 minutes and they are placed at a dangerous level for adults and kids alike. LED lighting at weddings is certainly the new thing just a few degrees warmer than room temperature and set a neat tone adding ambience quickly and inexpensively. Q: How does uplighting help accentuate architectural features? A: Led Uplighting also known as room color painting is a stunning addition to any room and can transform any venue from being dull and lifeless to vibrant and colorful. Shining light upward from the floor brings blase surfaces to life and paints streams of light and shadow that add height to your environment, accentuating architectural features, support columns and brightening otherwise dark corners in the room. Q: How much does lighting cost for our event? A: Lighting used to be prohibitively expensive, now it is a special event necessity. Using lighting in conjunction with some local wedding DJ services proves to be more cost effective as compared to lighting as a standalone product. Basic lighting for a small event may be an additional $150-$500 while larger events can be $300 and up. Q: What are the various colors used for uplighting? A: With the new LED lighting, you can uplight your wedding reception in colors from an infinite palette of possibilities apart from the 3 basic colors. We can offer colored lights or warm white and gold hues to accent an already vivid room and create depth and drama with light. Everything in the room will glow with your choice of colors Uplighting sets the tone of your event from the instant guests arrive. It is one of the most cost effective and dramatic ways of bringing your event into bigger than life proportions
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