Urns From A Renewable Resource

by:Timing Cherish     2020-07-11
Everyone knows that wood comes from trees but many have forgotten that it is a gift from nature that supports us daily in many ways with very little impact to our environment. Trees are a renewable resource and their by-products are also recyclable and biodegradable. Wood is strong, lighter and cheaper. There are all sorts of wood-based products starting from furniture, toys, and paper and novelty souvenirs to even jewelries such as an ash pendant or an urn necklace. Talking about ashes and urns, there are also wooden urns for ashes. Cremation of the dearly departed has been growing in popularity basically due to environmental considerations to reduce carbon footprints. It is the green option than the traditional burial. In view of these, there is also a growing demand for memorial urns to store the ashes. Further to help conserve the environment, many environmentally-conscious people will opt for the wooden urns for ashes. With increased demand these days, these urns come in various shapes, sizes and wood materials. In fact, the selection of each particular wood can easily personify the departed. Most are crafted with fine and distinguishable workmanship from the best quality wood such as: 1. Oak wood - One of the most popular hardwoods that are well known for its strength, hardness and attractive grain patterns. A wooden urn made of oak makes a great traditional choice for a dignified character. 2. Mahogany wood ' A naturally resistant and durable hardwood that offers excellent workability. Its reddish-brown color darkens and displays a reddish sheen when polished for a vibrant finish that shows of class and elegance. 3. Cherry wood - Yet another favorite hardwood known for its durability. It has distinct grain that gives it a warm and stylish glow which is most suitable for the enigmatic and dynamic personality. 4. Walnut wood - Also chosen because of its hard and dense timber, it creates a very smooth finish. Its color, which ranges from a creamy white to chocolate brown to rich purplish brown, makes it a prized option. 5. Maple and Elm ' These are coarse-grain hardwoods. They are both durable and resilient, known to last for generations. Their light natural color makes this an ideal choice of a wooden urn for the quiet and kind personality. 6. Pine - A pale, knotted soft wood with wide, straight soft grains. It is the most abundant wood in the world with highly-diverse color, texture and grain. It shows off a very busy personality. Wood adds a touch of nature to your chosen urns that also carries a message that both you and the recently departed are advocates for a green environment. Etched with various delicate designs such as floral, contemporary, tribal or religious motifs, the wooden urns for ashes can be used to distinguish the personal taste and preference of the dearly departed.
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