Using a Cylinder Lamp Shade to Improve a Room

by:Timing Cherish     2020-07-08
If you have been in search of a new lamp shade, you have likely seen that there are seemingly endless options from which to choose. With styles ranging from the Victorian, classic-style shades to luxurious, smooth modern shades, selecting shade that will complement your design aesthetic can often be overwhelming. You might benefit from buying a cylinder lamp shade if the decorating is leaning more toward modern or contemporary style. For home design and style, here are some helpful ways to distinguish if a cylindrical lamp shade are useful for you. Cylinder, or drum, lamp shades have become more popular then ever over the past year or two, partly because of their ability to fit in with a lot of style trends. Many kinds of lamp bases can be paired nicely with a drum shade. The basic, clean lines and symmetrical shape makes this particular style of shade a great match with plenty of lamp base options. Try visualizing the lamp base you currently have with a cylindrical shade placed on top of it. A whole new feel to the room can be received just by switching the lamp shade out with something completely different. These specific shades also have the benefit of not necessary having to be put on table or floor lamp as well. Smaller drum shades could be used on pendant lamps which a lot of people are finding preferred to use in the kitchen areas. Even though you may have recessed lighting above your kitchen island, small pendant conversion kits are available at most hardware retailers so that you can install the added flair and drama of pendant lighting. A pendant lamp is a good way to bring color and pattern into an otherwise drab and flat design, where the area can be transformed into something inviting. To add color and whimsy to any kind of room design, a cylindrical lamp shade is ideal. In the past when it came to lamp shades, they were more often than not a solid color and that was typically beige. Today's drum shades continue to be produced with high style and design in mind. A shade with a bold Roman key pattern is a statement piece that would harmonize with a modern contemporary living room. The pattern doesn't even really have to match exactly with any existing textiles in the room, as long as it goes well with the styles. If you have a room that is neutral in color, the punch of a colorful or patterned lamp shade can bring your design up to par much like the top designs of today. Sometimes the easiest way to choose the right lamp shade is to plan on using the shade as the inspiration for the rest of any room. Search through numerous patterns of lamp shades to find the best pattern you feel good about. Look for a shade in a color or pattern that inspires you, and then take color choices and other design elements right from the shade. Because a boldly patterned lamp shade could be the focal point within your room, designing around the lamp helps ensure that you don't end up with far too much pattern or color in your room. A cylinder lamp shade could possibly be the best way for you to update your existing design and by following these suggestions you may be more successful while you make the shade fit in with your design and style.
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