Where Would You Put a Floor Standing Lamp?

by:Timing Cherish     2020-04-21
A floor standing lamp can have a variety of uses and purposes. From creating ambient and atmospheric lighting to providing the perfect directional task lighting, one of these lamps is the perfect addition to any room. The designs can vary hugely, which allows for these lights to be used for these various purposes. From classic curved art deco lights that branch up and then curve downwards into a hanging shade to a modern up lighter with a dish like shade that lights a small area and are often seen placed in corners of rooms to shed light on areas that ceiling or wall lights often miss the variety of these lights available is endless. Many floor standing lamps seen now often encompass two lights, an up lighter at the top and then half way down the light pole a directional spot light. These lamps are perfect to be placed next to a lounge chair, throwing light upwards for times when only little light is necessary, such as during an evening whilst watching TV. Yet also providing bright directional light for when you want to carrying out a more delicate task, such as reading or knitting. Other types of these lights that are available are the long cylindrical lights that contain a bubble like liquid that changes colour on a sequence. These are good for adding a light hearted feel to a room whilst also providing some colourful mood lighting and creating different atmospheres, from calming blue to fiery red. Floor standing lamps can often be over looked when people are looking to furnish and light a room. With the initial concentration often being focused upon the room's central lighting, whether this is a ceiling light or wall light, and the table lamps are often considered next. In rooms where surface area is precious and you don't want to take up valuable space on a small side table or bed side table with a lamp then a floor standing lamp is a great alternative. Often understated and dismissed a tall light like this can also add a dramatic feel to a room, whether this be through its design or the shadows the light creates if placed in darkened corners of a room From chrome to fabric shade floor standing lamps come in a diverse range of styles and designs. Modern to traditional there is a design suitable for any interior. And if you're finding it hard to choose why not have a shade made in your favourite fabric, the perfect thing to top off an exceptional light.
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