White Minimalist Style Living Room Design Ideas

by:Timing Cherish     2020-07-05
This is a simple and stylish living room space, double white fabric sofa + Armchair, one after the other combinations, and placed both to save space, but also to meet the needs of people seated. Straight black coffee table is a classic style, coupled with Holstein-shaped carpet contrast played with sofa, rich layering of space. Red bookshelf space dash of color, so that the entire space is even more spirit, a stunning beauty. Sofa next to a red bookshelf, not only to meet the storage of books, candlesticks, and other functions, the appearance of red stunning decorations to make it more like a living room, and enhance the brightness of the entire space and visual impact. The living room is also a main tone in white, with a black sofa and so classic. 2 white color pattern cushions placed on top, you can add an extra touch of vitality. The coffee table has a line art and such a carpet, is very suitable for the fashion minimalist home. Two large glass windows, is spacious, bright living room becomes. Behind the back wall of the living room, choose a simple pattern of wallpaper decoration, also can bring unexpected results. IKEA chandelier, here particularly striking, fashionable style, soft light makes the space feel very warm. White walls, sofa constitute the entire space pristine background the semicircular windows for space provide good lighting, the entire living room is bright, airy. Chunks of black carpet and white walls in stark contrast, the layering of space clearer. And add a little black bookshelves, table lamps, as echoes. Red is the finishing touch, a Red Blanket to the living room have a visual highlight. The chandelier select wood color of the lantern-shaped, revealing the light from the inside is very moist. An LCD TV, a storage Aigui, constitutes the backdrop of space, does not emphasize the 'design' backdrop in the Nordic countries. The small size of the home have one thing in common, their living and dining rooms usually together, the intermediate leaving only suitable distance as a partition. Dining table with wood color the earthy intimacy lean against the wall, with the color of the wood spacer frame on the wall with a warm atmosphere to space. Decorative painting has a blue border and blue chair, like a beach blowing slipped quiet, refreshing wind, people feel very comfortable. The living room has a thick Nordic style left me with a good impression. White walls, the floor of the timber, fabric sofa black plaid white people feel a deep sense of love of Nordic. From Ikea coffee table color yellow is jump, some bright spots. Decorative painting on the wall is very beautiful. The other corner of the living room is also very beautiful, two hanging cabinet placed in the corner, has a very powerful storage capabilities. The decorations on the cabinets and decorative painting on the wall is very pretty.
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