Why Spotlights Are More Than Just a Security Option

by:Timing Cherish     2020-05-14
When the topic of outdoor lighting comes up, it is not unusual to think of security lighting and the spot lights that feature so prominently in security systems. However, the style and quality of spot lights today, and other outdoor wall lights, means that a more homely, comfortable sense is associated with them. The sole idea of protecting the home, and fending off would be intruders, is no longer a factor when deciding on spot lights for outside the home. Illuminating the exterior of a home is not a new concept, nor indeed is the idea of illuminating a garden or patio area. But the approach that home owners have towards such areas has changed somewhat. Just as the decor in a living room can gain from the design and quality of ceiling light shades, so too can the outside areas of a property benefit stylistically. In fact, depending on the selected preferences, modern wall lights can bring all the elegance of a Parisian park or the minimalist awe of a New York street to ones back garden. The only question is what the desired look the home owner is looking for. Of course, there is a marked difference between spot lights and wall lights, even outdoors. As the name suggests, the spotlight is designed to highlight a specific area, directing light at a particular spot. It explains, perhaps, why spot lights are considered an essential part of security systems, and why they are so readily associated with security rather than the idea of family enjoyment and relaxation. The act of a light suddenly turning on is enough to make prospective intruders hesitate breaking in. However, the right spot lights can be very effective in creating an outdoor lighting effect that enhances the outdoor experience for families and their guests. Because the light can be twisted and moved to focus on a specific spot, it means that light can directed onto the area occupied by patio or garden furniture. This then allows the family to make full use of those facilities even at night time, provided, of course, the weather is good enough. Perhaps a gazebo is situated in the garden. If it is close enough to the main house, a light can be directed into that structure. However, more than likely it will be placed at the end of a garden and more often than not, they have their own lighting system installed. This is usually in the form of a solar or battery powered spot light. However, from the home, spot lights on the wall can be directed to illuminate the path to the structure. Outdoor lighting is not just about spot light, however, and illuminating the exterior of a home can be more passively accomplished through a variety of wall lights and lanterns. Rather than directing light on a specific spot, these lights simply radiate light gently into the immediate area. The light is generally softer, serving to build an ambiance when positioned above an outdoor dining or social area. Alternatively, they can simply provide necessary lighting in the front entrance of a house. Amongst the favoured styles are elaborately designed old world lanterns, such as the Munich down wall lantern, for example, which features stained glass in a rustic styled black aluminium lantern frame. This wall light hangs modestly from an arm fastened to the wall, and can provide light and character to a back patio or garden area. It is worth noting that these types of outside wall lights are also available sitting on the wall arm, rather than hanging from it. For a more contemporary feel, more modern wall lights, like the sleek, round eye lid bulkhead light, are also available. This type of light looks as its description suggests. The round light can be as large as 30cms in diameter, with the upper half of the circular light casing made of aluminium, ensuring that none of the light is lost upwards, and all is directed below, where it is needed. While ceiling light shades in a living room may sometimes be changed to suit the decor, outdoor lights do not usually enjoy the same options in accessories, but that does not lessen their effect on the enjoyment home owners can have outside. And security does not have to play a role in the decision.
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