Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

by:Timing Cherish     2020-07-03
Unless you are one of 'those people,' you experience at least some stress and anxiety when thinking about getting your home in the proper condition for the spring and summer months. And regardless of the size of your home it can be hard to make sure nothing slips through the cleaning cracks. Here are a few tips for how to tackle the process this year. Obviously your time spent in each area will depend on need. Kitchen: Dust anything hanging from walls or the ceiling - paintings, fans, etc. Remove any drapes or blinds for cleaning. Clean the oven and refrigerator, including freezer. When attacking your stovetop, make sure to remove spill catchers and burner covers. Wipe down all small appliances - toaster, microwave, etc. Run your dishwasher at least once without dishes inside. Remove food from the cabinets and discard (or donate) items as needed. Wash the inside and re-line if necessary. Organize contents based on use. Bathrooms: Dust all fixtures and the ceiling. Wipe down and rinse shower walls. Clean as much of your toilet as you can get to. Wash the sink and counters (yes, even those nasty corners). Clean mirrors. Wash the floors and cabinets. Make sure to tackle the tile grout, if applicable. Living Room: Dust ceiling, making sure to spend time in the corners. Dust artwork, fans, etc. Remove curtains and have them cleaned. Dust lamps. Wash windows. Clear all items from storage pieces like bookshelves and entertainment centers. Dust the shelves as well as the items. Bedrooms: Replace cold weather sheets/pillowcases with ones better suited for spring and summer. Dust and clean ceilings and curtains, just as you would with the living areas. Clean floors, hunting for spots that need special attention. Dust and organize dressers and closets. You will find that there may be some aspects of the job that require outside (read: professional) assistance. Tackling older carpeting or adding laminate flooring can sometimes beyond your expertise level. In those instances it's best to seek out a service provider on the local level. In such instances a website like is the best way to ensure a cost-effective result. NeedNexus provides a forum where advertised projects can be found and bid upon by qualified experts.
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